Blarg is a unique word, being the only word that not only means anything you want it to, or is used to show disinterest or boredom, but also is the only word that thousands upon thousands of people have claimed to have made up but has been around since man discovered they could use tools. Urban Dictionary

Why is Blarg so great?

There are many reasons with the main one being because it is.

Is there any opposition to Blarg?

Unfortunately yes. The evil that is known as blerg has slowly been trying to corrupt the good people of this earth and a small number of “blergites” have recently surfaced. If you spot a blergite it is a good idea to try and convert them to the ways of blarg because there is hope for even the most lost cause.

Is there any proof of blarg being better than blerg so I can try to convert these evil blergites?

Fear not my fellow Blarger! Here are but a few and there are many many more:

I know a blerger but they are lacking in mental capacity. Are there any visual examples that I can use to convert them?

A common problem but you are in luck my blarg loving friend. Here is a selection of photos that are sure to enlighten to even the most blarg sceptic of people.

Blarg Car
Blarg Raptor
Blarg Cavemen
Owl Blarg
Keep Calm
Blarg Cat

How can I share my love of blarg?

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You can share a blarg image or video, discuss the deep inner meaning of blarg or just blarg for the love of it!

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