3rd November 2010

FirePHP is a Firefox extension that allows you to log directly to the Firebug console from PHP. This is great for AJAX applications because you can debug your server side scripts without interferring with the responses.

Each script that returns a FirePHP log will generate it’s own group in the Firebug console which is expanded by default which means if you are logging a lot of data on the server side (such as database queries) then there will be a lot of data displayed in the console which you may not want to see all the time.

My solution to this was to edit the FirePHP extension so that each script response is collapsed automatically. You can then click a response to expand it if you want to view more details.

In order to do this you will need to edit the RequestProcessor.js file in the FirePHP install directory which should located inside your Firefox profile folder at:
extensions\[email protected]\chrome\content\firephp\RequestProcessor.js

You will need to edit line 411 which reads:

Firebug.Console.openGroup([URL], null, "firephpRequestGroup", null, true);

and change it to:

var row = Firebug.Console.openGroup([URL], null, "firephpRequestGroup", null, true);
removeClass(row, "opened");

Once you save these changes you can just restart Firefox and now each FirePHP group will be collapsed by default.

If you would like to be able to toggle on and off automatic collapsing then you can do so by navigating your browser to about:config and adding a boolean preference key with the name extensions.firephp.collapse. Then replace line 411 in RequestProcessor.js with:

var row = Firebug.Console.openGroup([URL], null, "firephpRequestGroup", null, true);
if (FirePHP.getPref(FirePHP.prefDomain, 'collapse')) {
	removeClass(row, "opened");

If the extensions.firephp.collapse is true the response will be collapsed, if it is false then it will be expanded.

Note: If a new version of FirePHP is released and you install it, these changes will be overwritten and will need to be applied again.

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