About Invigilator

Invigilator is an extension management tool for Google Chrome with added logging and security built in.

Click Here to Install Invigilator for Google Chrome


  • Manage your extensions and apps from a convenient toolbar button
  • Remember uninstalled extensions
  • Log history for all extension actions such as installing, updates, enabling, diabling and uninstalling
  • Notify you whenever an extension is updated
  • Notify you when an extension changes owner name
  • Notify you when the reviews for an extension contain references to spam/adware/spyware


Protect yourself from bad extensions!

It has been reported in the media that people have been buying popular chrome extensions and injecting them with adware or worse (see http://www.labnol.org/internet/sold-chrome-extension/28377/ as an example). This transferring of ownership happens without you even knowing about it and once you realise it has happened the damage could have already been done. Invigilator will warn you if the owner name of any extension you have installed has changed which could indicate it has changed ownership. While this may not mean anything bad will happen, you will know to be extra vigilant.

Invigilator will also periodically check the reviews of your extensions and warn you when certain keywords are mentioned in them. When adware or spyware is discovered people will often leave negative reviews to inform new users to stay away but existing users are oblivious until they discover it for themselves.

Manage your extensions and apps
View extension history
Receive extension notifications

Contribute & Support

Invigilator source is available on GitHub. Bug fixes or new localisations are more than welcome!

Please refer to the issue tracker to submit any bugs or feature requests.</p>