About Robots vs Humans

Robots vs Humans is a Google Chrome extension that lets you view the robots.txt and humans.txt file for any website and let’s them battle for ultimate supremacy!

More information about the robots.txt and humans.txt files can be found at their respective websites.

Click Here to Install Robots vs Humans for Google Chrome


  • Displays an indicator showing whether a website has a robots.txt and/or humans.txt file
  • Displays the contents of the robots.txt and humans.txt file
  • Witness the mighty battle between robots and humans. Will robots overcome their human masters or will humanity prevail?
Viewing a robots.txt file
Viewing a humans.txt file
Getting ready for battle
Humans win! Humanity is saved... for now

Contribute & Support

Robots vs Humans source is available on GitHub. Bug fixes or new localisations are more than welcome!

Please refer to the issue tracker to submit any bugs or feature requests.